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13 Oct 2015
There are two questions I am often asked by prospective crew members: "Do I need to be a blonde beauty with legs up to here?" or "Do I need to be tall, dark and handsome?" In essence, what both men and women are asking is "Do looks matter?"
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18 Sep 2015
(Featured in PARADISE magazine, Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin, January 27-28, 2008) Jennifer Pender-Brookes and Rob Brookes have worked onboard the world's most luxurious yachts, meeting supermodels, actors and billionaires.
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12 May 2015
Do you want wind in your hair or cash in your pocket? The rugged or the regal? The Great Debate between sailing and motor yachts continues...
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2 Feb 2015
CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING FOOTAGE! From diving with manta rays and dolphins to diving off the mast of a mega yacht to diving into the deep end...literally, these videos will give you a snapshot of a lifestyle most people only ever dream about.
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"Working on a luxury yacht while travelling to places like the Caribbean and Mediterranean was the best time of my life. Our crew was an amazing group of people from all over the world. I have made many great friends."
Kaitlyn Murdoch
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Get Paid to Travel the World!

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Imagine living on a multi-million dollar yacht, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, and travelling to a new and exotic location each week. It may seem surreal, but this lifestyle is very real, as is the opportunity to make it your own. Working on yachts is the ultimate working holiday: a chance to travel the world and get paid great money to do it.

Picture your perfect oasis: a tropical island hideaway with white powder sand and azure seas; a remote lakeside bungalow surrounded by lush rainforest; a hip and exclusive destination such as the French Cote d'Azure. Wherever you want to go, a luxury yacht can take you there. And when you arrive, the real fun begins. Gala celebrity parties; lavish dinners at exclusive restaurants; wakeboarding, diving and jetskiing; morning runs in Portofino and afternoon sundowners in Kokomo. Working on yachts is never ordinary, and much of the time it is extraordinary.

With more jobs available than ever before the opportunities are there for the taking. A world of adventure awaits you. It is entirely up to you to grasp it. Let's look at the facts:

  • Luxury yachts can be motor or sail and range from 80ft (24m) up to the size of a mini cruise ship.
  • Generally, yachts sized 80ft (24m) to 260ft (80m) are regarded as superyachts and anything larger as megayachts.
  • These yachts can cost anything from a few million US dollars for a small, fixer-upper to a reported US $270 million for Larry Ellisons 452ft (138m) megayacht Rising Sun.
  • Each year luxury yacht owners spend approximately ten per cent of the purchase price to keep their yachts sparkling and their crew happy.
  • Luxury yacht crew enjoy great to exceptional salaries and numerous perks such as full board and food, annual paid leave, insurance, tips and bonuses.
  • In 2011 there was 27km (17 miles) of new yachts over 24m (80ft) under construction in 25 countries throughout the world.
  • It is estimated that 5,700 new crew will be required to fill these positions throughout 2012.
  • There is currently a worldwide shortage of properly accredited candidates to fill the positions available.

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