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13 Oct 2015
There are two questions I am often asked by prospective crew members: "Do I need to be a blonde beauty with legs up to here?" or "Do I need to be tall, dark and handsome?" In essence, what both men and women are asking is "Do looks matter?"
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18 Sep 2015
(Featured in PARADISE magazine, Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin, January 27-28, 2008) Jennifer Pender-Brookes and Rob Brookes have worked onboard the world's most luxurious yachts, meeting supermodels, actors and billionaires.
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12 May 2015
Do you want wind in your hair or cash in your pocket? The rugged or the regal? The Great Debate between sailing and motor yachts continues...
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2 Feb 2015
CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING FOOTAGE! From diving with manta rays and dolphins to diving off the mast of a mega yacht to diving into the deep end...literally, these videos will give you a snapshot of a lifestyle most people only ever dream about.
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"My advice to those wanting to do this is to hold out for the right yacht and the right crew as it is the experiences had and the friendships made that are more valuable than any amount of money."
Captain Micheal Rahe
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About The Author

Foreword by Jacqui Duncan, NY Times columnist.

In 1994, Jennifer Pender-Brookes completed studies in business management and marketing with first class honors and she has avoided a real job ever since.

Instead, she has been a sailing, windsurfing and waterski instructor, a compere, an underwater videographer, a lecturer, the director of an adventure racing company, a small ship's captain, a dive instructor, an events coordinator, a fitness instructor, a maritime trainer, a boot camp owner and, for a brief period back in uni, the brave person who walked around a party cruise boat with a backpack and a super-soaker water pistol firing illusion shots down the throats of drunken party-goers.

She also spent more than seven years working for multimillionaires on multi-million dollar superyachts, circumnavigating the world twice and visiting over sixty countries. Oh, and she writes.

In fact, Jennifer has had numerous works published in national newspapers and magazines, her first novel won the prestigious QLD Arts Council's New Writers Scholarship in 2006 and she has been awarded a highly sought after fellowship and residency at Varuna House: Australia's most esteemed writing retreat.

Her latest book is:

Get a job on a luxury yacht: the definitive guidebook

A note from the Author

When I started on yachts I planned to do one year and ended up staying for seven. Ever since I left the industry I have been bombarded with questions about it from friends and relatives; even friends of friends relatives, many of whom are now happily cruising exotic ports of the world and loving it. However, in helping each of these adventurous souls to realize their dream of crewing a luxury yacht, I was shocked by the amount of misinformation out there.

Samuel Johnson once said, 'Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.' Unfortunately, much of the information that was available regarding the yachting industry was inaccurate and outdated. Poorly written guidebooks; training companies charging thousands of dollars for completely unnecessary courses; marinas purporting to be superyacht havens when, in reality, they haven't even the capacity to accommodate a yacht over 100 foot; myths about "seeing the world through a porthole window" and so many new crew houses and crew agencies popping up to capitalise on this fast-growing industry. From the information I found it was near impossible for a novice to distinguish fact from fiction, let alone figure out exactly what they must do to get a job.

That is precisely why I wrote this guidebook: to cut through the rubbish and provide potential yachties with clear and simple directions on what they need to do to get a job on a luxury yacht. I've loaded this guidebook with all the information I wish had been available when I began yachting and I've made it as user-friendly as possible: packed full of handy tips, useful contact details and practical 'how to' steps on everything from applying for visas to becoming a non-resident for tax purposes.

Getting a job on a yacht does not require experience; only initiative and know-how. It does not require lengthy and expensive qualifications; only a few simple certificates. It's within everyones reach. So if you have ever dreamed about travelling the world and enjoying expense-free living while getting paid great money to do it all I can say is 'just do it'. Now is the perfect time. With more jobs available than ever before the opportunities are there for the taking. A world of adventure awaits you. It is entirely up to you to grasp it.

For more information check out:

Get a job on a luxury yacht: the definitive guidebook