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I want freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea.
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13 Oct 2015
There are two questions I am often asked by prospective crew members: "Do I need to be a blonde beauty with legs up to here?" or "Do I need to be tall, dark and handsome?" In essence, what both men and women are asking is "Do looks matter?"
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18 Sep 2015
(Featured in PARADISE magazine, Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin, January 27-28, 2008) Jennifer Pender-Brookes and Rob Brookes have worked onboard the world's most luxurious yachts, meeting supermodels, actors and billionaires.
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12 May 2015
Do you want wind in your hair or cash in your pocket? The rugged or the regal? The Great Debate between sailing and motor yachts continues...
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2 Feb 2015
CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING FOOTAGE! From diving with manta rays and dolphins to diving off the mast of a mega yacht to diving into the deep end...literally, these videos will give you a snapshot of a lifestyle most people only ever dream about.
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"Even after seven years of working on yachts I am still blown away by the view that greets me every morning."
Sharna Cliff, Chef
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Crew Benefits

The Travel

Picture your perfect oasis: a remote tropical island hideaway, an exclusive resort for the rich and famous, a cosmopolitan city, a quaint village full of character, an exotic destination rich with culture. Today, with the industry expanding at a record rate and many yacht owners becoming more adventurous, there is hardly a coordinate on the globe that is beyond the reach of luxury yachts.

The Money

“Show me the money!” It is a line heard time and again in yachting and in an industry founded on wealth, and enormous amounts of wealth at that, there is plenty of money to be shown. (See Crew Earnings Guide) With substantial base salaries, all-expenses paid and numerous other perks such as private jet flights, premium medical cover and ‘golden handshakes’ that could fund a year of fine dining, it is impossible not to save. More importantly, with so much discretionary income, there is no need to restrict yourself financially, which frees your time to pursue the most valuable thing of all: a full life.

The Experiences

Gala parties with celebrity guests; lavish dinners at exclusive restaurants; wakeboarding, diving, fishing and jetskiing; cultural tours and offbeat adventures; shopping in Morocco or sipping Moet & Chandon in St Tropez: whatever rocks your boat, a luxury yacht can provide it. Working on yachts is never ordinary, and much of the time it is extraordinary.

The Comradeship

Working on yachts is not like other jobs. There is no going home at the end of the day. The crew that surround you twenty-four hours a day are your work colleagues, your confidantes, your family and your friends, and this certainly makes for strong, interesting, dynamic and sometimes even intimate relationships. What’s more, in an environment that reveals people’s true identities, free from the affectation and pretense people so often adopt in so-called ‘real’ life, exceptionally strong bonds are formed and enduring friendships are made.

Robert R. Rose said ‘Yachts are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made.’ So if you have ever dreamed about travelling the world and enjoying expense-free living while getting paid great money, what are you waiting for? With more jobs available than ever before the opportunities are there for the taking. A world of adventure awaits you. It is entirely up to you to grasp it.

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